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Calling All Speakers

The Smart Transportation Conference & Exhibition is seeking presentations that are broadly focused on the following conference theme/key topics:
Strategic Technology

Strategic Technology Plays a Pivotal Role in Developing a Cohesive Fleet Network by Harnessing the Potential of Digital Twins and Enhancing Freight Solutions through Modal Shifts and Efficient Last-Mile Delivery

5G Communication

Impacts and Performance of 5G Communication, Emerging Cognitive Computing, AI/ML on the Transportation System's Safety, Efficiency, Energy Consumption, and Environmental Footprints

Net-Zero Emissions

Planning the Way forward for Smart Transportation to Improve Operations and Reduce Carbon Emissions, with a Strong Focus on Reaching Net-Zero Emissions through Eco-Friendly Practices

Case Studies

Best Practices and Case Studies of Field Experiments and Real-World Deployment of Emerging Vehicle Technologies Provides Practical Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions in Traffic Management, Parking, Passenger and Freight Information are Shaping the Future of Mobility, with Integrated Transport, and Ticketing at the Forefront

Fleet Management

Enhance Fleet Management's Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency with Real-Time Monitoring, Digital Twin Technology, Metaverse, IoT, AR/VR, BIM, and Blockchain


Why is it Time to Fund for the Future Transportation – Where Money comes from and How to Secure it?

Sustainable Transportation

Smart Mobility Meets Sustainable Transportation with Electric Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure

Electric Vehicles

The Evolving Landscape of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: Shaping Infrastructure and Regulatory Safety Standards

Data Analytics

Application of Big Data and Data Analytics to Improve Transport Safety, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Have a topic you want to share?

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If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact Chris.Lee@ptnevents.com  or [Telephone: +1 (254)-221-1464]
subject heading “Call for presentation STC24.”

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    Prior to paper submission, go through below guidelines

    Important Guidelines

    FAQ's For Speakers:

    Q.1 What information are you looking for in an speaking submission?
    Ans: Submit one title of your presentation and 3-4 bullet pointers of your talk.

    An abstract should demonstrate that your paper will

    1. Contribute technically sound knowledge in a particular area of technology.
    2. Not be commercial in nature and will not promote specific companies, products, or services.
    Q.2 Is there a word limit for speaker submission?
    Ans: The suggested limit should as per below format:
    Presentation Title:
    • (20 – 25 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    • (20 - 30 Words)
    Q.3 Where is my confirmation of speaker submission?
    Ans: We will send you the speaker confirmation in 5-6 working days after reviewing your submission.
    Q.4 What is the status of my submission?
    Ans: We will notify all co-authors of the status (accepted or declined) of their abstract after the Programme Committee has completed the review and rating period, and made their programme selections.
    Q.5 Can I include a figure or photo in my submision?
    Ans: Yes, you can do it by emailing us.
    Q.6 Can I withdraw my submission after I have submitted it?
    Ans: Yes. Please email the Programme Lead for the conference to ask that your abstract be removed from consideration.
    Q.7 Can I submit my submission to multiple PTN conferences at the same time?

    Ans: Yes, speakers/authors are allowed to submit the same submission to multiple conference at a time. Speakers can request a committee to recheck the same submission for another conference. However, We can take the submission into consideration only if required.